Punchamukha Hanumanji Mandri

Subammalhothra, Apple Valley, California, USA

By the Swamiji’s powerful Pooja& rituals, my health is better and also rejoined my family. My pranams to Swamiji.

RahulMahajan, Nebraska, USA

I do not have a good job. My friend told me about Swamiji and I consulted him. By his blessings now, I am in a very good job. Thanks Swamiji.

ArunDayal, Idaho, USA

I consulted Swamiji about my kundli and followed his advice and now I am in a very good position. Thanks and pranams to SiddharSwamiji.

Reshma Sunny, Utah, USA

Swamiji, only after your powerful Pooja sand rituals, my two years old daughter Latha started walking. Thanks and pranams for giving life to my only daughter.

PraveenMadan, Neveda, USA

Swamiji, only by your holiest blessings, I’m relieved from all the black magic done by my enemies. Now I have a wonderful life. Thanks and Pranams to Siddhar.

Gudiey Jonas, North Dakota, USA

Even though I am Christian, I believe Hinduism very much. I approached you to clear the black magic done on my family and me. You did it in a wonderful way with the power of your mantras. I salute your power and your mantra power.

Gary gulliards, Dayton, Ohio, USA

I am a German. I have read a little bit of Vedas. Only after your meeting at Swiss, I am able to think more clearly. Thanks for giving me a wonderful vision

Harry Goel, Mississippi, USA

Wonderful Swamiji.Pranams, Pranams and more Pranams. You brought out my son from his mental stress. He is very well now. Thanks and PranamsSwamiji. Please keep your merciful vision on mr and my family.

Arunkumar Mishra, Iowa, USA

Swamiji only because of your wonderful healing power I am free from my knee pain. I am able to do all sorts of work now. Thanks and Namaskars for making my life happier.

Xavier Antony, Florida,n Orlando, USA

Revered Siddhar, I have no words to explain the power of your mantras. You have saved me and my family from suicide. We had an idea to commit suicide because the debts. You showed me the best ways to come out of the debts. Thanks once again Swamiji.

ShivaniAnjalika, North Carolina, USA

Siddharji, I came to you to bring my downtrodden business. You guided me in the proper way and, only because of that guidelines, my business is going upwards. You please be the consultant to the company and give your esteemed ideas to grow more and more. Namskars and thanks Swamiji.

YashwantDulani, West Virginia, USA

SwamijiMaharaj I came to you to bless my son with a very good knowledge. He was very dull in his studies before coming to you. After your darshan and blessing he is doing very well in his studies. Once again thank you very much Maharaj.

BalaramTakur, South Carolina, USA

Siddharji, You removed the evilness of the planets in our horoscope and blessed us with a wonderful male kid. We dedicate our life time for your divine services. Pranams and Namaskars. L.

SelviSuganthini, Queens, New York, USA

Swamiji, I came to know about you only through the website. I approached you through phone to clear the black magic on my father’s family. You did a great mantra and thantra and removed the black magic. Now my parents are very happy. NanriyudanVanakkangalAyya. Please come and bless our home.

AstinaMakam, Michigan, USA

Thank and NamaskarsSwamiji for blessing us with a very good business. We are being upgraded from “working people” to “business people”. We are at your service forever. Once again Pranams.

Ram Narayan, Kentucky, USA

Swamiji, I am a Hindu Priest. Even though I earn a very good sum of money I have no peace of mind due to the egos and politics of the temples in the world. Please give me a chance to serve in your temple to get peace of mind. I don’t want even a single penny as my salary.

HariBhat, Louisiana, USA

SiddharMaharaj, I am a patient of chronic arthritis. Even after continued medication for years together I was not able to get rid of my sufferings. Only after getting your special oil and traditional massage I am getting a very good remedy. Thanks for bringing me out from my prolonged ailments.

Anita Kumari, Houston, Texas, USA

Swamiji thanks for your excellant Vedic Astrology advise to my problems, I am so much happy after talking to you Pranam,

Mehara S Nalani, Dallas, Texas, USA

Wonderful and MercifulSwamiji, Thanks and Pranams for bringing out my wife from the worst disease she had. By the power of your manthra, thanthra, yanthra, aushadhaandasthra, my wife is OK now.Thank you very much forgiving her a rebirth. We are under your service round the clock. Please keep us as the first in your list and give us a chance.